Conditions We Support


Duncan Foundation supports the work of The Centre for Brain Research Neurogenetics Research Clinic (CBR-NGRC) and patients we see through their clinics may be offered Duncan Foundation support services.

How do I apply?

We are fortunate to have secured funding to enable us to offer a limited number of follow-up services for people who have attended the CBR-NGRC CMT-1A study , therefore registrations for people with Charcot Marie Tooth are by invitation only.  We are hoping this project will identify need and allow us to secure further funding to expand this service.

Following your appointment at the CBR-NGRC if the clinician identifies that you will benefit from neuro physiotherapy services, you may be invited to register with the Duncan Foundation.

In some cases, appointments may be provided via telehealth services where appropriate.

There may be a wait time for follow-up services:

  • If there is not a Duncan-funded clinic in your region, we will let you know what options are available.