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Focal Idiopathic Dystonia

Who should apply?

  • If you have had a confirmed diagnosis of focal idiopathic dystonia (e.g. Focal Hand Dystonia, Occupational Dystonia or cervical dystonia) by a neurologist
  • No formal physical assessment for the physical management of your dystonia previously provided by a NZ based Occupational or physiotherapist experienced in the assessment and management of focal dystonia.
  • Currently there are two accredited sites providing funded services to people with idiopathic focal dystonia. Auckland – Julie Rope, Christine Tooke and Hamilton – Tracey Stirling.

The current service offered is an Initial assessment of physical function and impairment which may take up to up 1.5 hrs after which you may have a follow up and review appointment.

How do I apply?

Register Here

This will initiate an alert to the Duncan foundation CEO, who will then make contact with you and allocate you to your regional clinician who will contact you directly to schedule an assessment. Funding will be given to people on a ‘first come first served’ basis to applicants who meet the above criteria.