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“This was the first time that I have seen a neuro physiotherapist and I found it helpful and thorough. In the end I was given a lumbar belt to relieve pain I was experiencing in my back after I found that I could not tolerate using the Nordic poles. This has certainly been helpful. Thank you.”
– Tony


“Julie is the first person I’ve dealt with who understands the issues. She has been quite fantastic in the way in which she has owned the issues, referrals, options going forward, etc. I can’t speak highly enough of her efforts and support. Cheers.”
– Bob


“My attendance at the Rope Clinic was very helpful –  the only attention I have had in many years by someone who understands the late effects of polio; there is no one here in Whangarei. I thank you for your help.”
– Mike


“Because of the assessment and the options we discussed, I have extended my exercise regime, had Nordic Walking training and an orthotics assessment. I would most definitely recommend anyone living with Polio, and having difficulties, be assessed through the Duncan Foundation.”
– Megan


“I feel incredibly grateful to the team at RopeNuero for their wonderful care. The LSVT big program has changed my life, I am now more confident, fitter and more mobile then I was before and I now incorporate what I have learned into my everyday life. Thank you.

I would highly recommend RopeNeuro of to anyone newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. It has literally kept me moving and given me an awareness of the importance of keeping fit. The LSVT big programme is fantastic and I’ve made improvements in all aspects of my life involving fitness, mobility and confidence that I can cope with anything that may happen in the future.”
– Jo


“Why I need to go to the AMP’d class.

Exercise is very important in maintaining my ability to function as I found out over Christmas. I let my exercise program lapse after Christmas and by New Year’s Day I was having difficulty getting out of bed and needed to be helped up when sitting down. After doing some of the exercises from the AMP’d class I was again able to turn over in, and get out of bed as well as get out of a chair after sitting down. This happened very quickly.

To be able to go to an exercise class that is tailored to help people with Parkinson’s and to be with other people similarly affected but everyone being very positive helps both physically and mentally and makes it much easier to cope with day to day living.

I am sure everyone with Parkinson’s would benefit from taking part in a class like this to help slow down the progression of the disorder and so would be able to maintain their independence longer.”
– Ted


“This is to verify how good doing the AMP’d exercises at Julie Ropes gym makes to me. These sessions set me up for the rest of the week and keep my technique right. They have a marked influence on my Parkinson’s disease treatment.

Doing AMP’d in a group situation makes it a much more social event and a good time to get information as we share this amongst the group. As well as all stretches and various exercises and walking without a gate. The Rope course starting from the introductory 6 week course and then progressing onto the weekly sessions, really help with the symptoms of Parkinson’s that I was experiencing. It has enhanced my quality of life and day to day functioning.”
– Peter


“I want to pass on my thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of this program.

Tara has been marvellous and I have benefited greatly from the exercise regime which I can thoroughly recommend to any one wanting to increase strength and assist with balance.

My last session is today, I don’t know where the month went to. Again please pass on my thanks to the Duncan Foundation for making this possible.”
– Jan

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