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Recently Diagnosed Parkinson’s

Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

Who should apply?

  • A person who has a confirmed diagnosis of idiopathic Parkinson’s by a geriatrician or neurologist within the last year.
  • A person who has had no formal physical assessment for Parkinson’s by an experienced physiotherapist and physical management of Parkinson’s previously provided.
  • Following on from the assessment you may be provided with a follow up and review session or if suitable invited to attend a course of the high amplitude exercise group based on the principles of LSVT and other high intensity and amplitude therapy (AMPd).
  • We also have a few opportunities for completing the full LSVT programme provided by one of our experienced LSVT certified practitioners.

How do I apply?

Register Here

This will initiate an alert to the Duncan foundation CEO, who will then make contact with you and allocate you to your regional clinician who will contact you directly to schedule an assessment. Funding will be given to people on a ‘first come first served’ basis to applicants who meet the above criteria.

Recently Diagnosed Parkinson’s – Duncan Foundation Video –  Here

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