Conditions We Support

Recently Diagnosed Parkinson’s

Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

Who should apply?

  • A person who has a confirmed diagnosis of idiopathic Parkinson’s by a geriatrician or neurologist within the last year.
  • A person who has had no formal physical assessment for Parkinson’s by an experienced physiotherapist and physical management of Parkinson’s previously provided.
  • After your initial assessment, you may be provided with a follow-up and review session or if suitable invited to attend a course of the high amplitude exercise group based on the principles of LSVT and other high intensity and amplitude therapy (AMPd).
  • We also have limited opportunities for completing the full LSVT programme provided by one of our experienced LSVT certified practitioners.
  • There is currently a waitlist in many of our regions:
    • We will acknowledge your registration and hold your details until a Duncan Foundation funded appointment is available.
    • Please feel free to email us to arrange a time to discuss options after your registration is received

How do I apply?

Registration will initiate an alert to the Duncan Foundation team, who will contact you.

  • If your registration meets Duncan Foundation criteria, we will allocate you to your regional clinician, who will contact you directly to schedule an assessment.
  • There is a limited funded time period for each condition and a limited number of funded sessions. Where funding for the condition or region is not immediately available, you will be contacted regarding waitlist options.
  • To applicants who meet the above criteria, funding will be given to people on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
Recently Diagnosed Parkinson’s – Duncan Foundation Video –  Here

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