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Christchurch Support Clinic

On The Go Physio

Based in Christchurch, Jessie Snowdon, Senior Physiotherapist and Director of On the Go Physio, and her team deliver assessment and rehabilitation planning services for clients with late effects of Polio and people recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

On the Go Physio also conduct clinics in other South Island centres, including Invercargill and Dunedin so far. On the go Physio offers their services in people’s homes which make it very accessible. They are also very experienced in delivering the LSVT course for Parkinson’s Disease.

On the Go Physio is a small but expanding team of physiotherapists with a passion for providing high quality therapy in a person’s own environment. On the Go Physio works with people with a range of neurological, orthopaedic and age related conditions including Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Head Injury, Stroke, elective and traumatic joint replacements, falls, respiratory conditions and general loss of function following illness or injury.

For more information, contact:

PO Box 32 004, Christchurch 8147
0800 000 856
+64 21 030 9061
(03) 9742239


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